More From The Astronaut Troubadour

Chris Hadfield, the ‘retired’ Canadian astronaut, has an album out, Space Sessions: Songs from a Tin Can.  It’s available through his website and the usual places, and Hadfield has released a few videos to help promote it.  Proceeds from the album will be used to support music education in Canada.

What I didn’t note at the time I first heard about it is that all the songs on the album were recorded while on the International Space Station (H/T GeekWire).  As he described it, Hadfield created a makeshift studio out of his sleeping pod for most of his tracks, working with a producer planetside.  As with most everything else, playing guitar and singing in zero-gravity required some adjustments.  I can’t tell, but I don’t have professional-grade ears.  Here’s the latest video, for Beyond the Terra.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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