Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of November 23

With the Thanksgiving holiday on Friday in the U.S. many shows are off or in reruns for at least part of the week.  Repeats of note this week are the Tuesday and Wednesday editions of The Nightly Show, when you can see the latest appearances of Neil deGrasse Tyson (Tuesday) and Bill Nye (Wednesday).  On Thursday you can watch Aaron Sorkin, writer of the recent Steve Jobs biographical film, sit with James Corden.  That same night you can see the CEO of GoPro perform camera tricks with Stephen Colbert.  You can rewatch mathematician Dr. Eugenia Chang with Stephen on Friday.

Also worth catching up with is the segment Stephen Colbert ran last week focusing on the influence of new technology on one of the oldest sports – curling.  This segment ran last Friday night.

Ted Koppel continues to promote his new book on cyberattacks (for which he apparently consulted no experts).  He’ll visit The Late Show on Monday (tonight).

There will be a new episode of Going Deep with David Rees, which I think has taken an even more scientific approach to its how-to topics this season.  This week’s episode (Wednesday night on The Esquire Network) is “How to Get Punched”


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