Coming Up On StarTalk

StarTalk is not premiering a new television episode tonight, but will return next week for what should be the last six episodes of its second season.  You can watch earlier episodes on video if you have an account with a participating cable system.  However, each episode will be released as a podcast.  Four episodes of this season have been broadcast on the National Geographic Channel, and the first three are currently available via podcast.  Each podcast version has a few minutes more material than what was broadcast.  But if you want extra video material, it is available on the show’s website.

There is currently information for only the next three episodes. I am expecting that the show will continue to have an unannounced guest join the in-studio portion of the show via video chat, but as these guests have been unannounced, I can’t tell you who they will be.

Next Sunday (November 29) the main interview guest will be actress Susan Sarandon, and host Neil deGrasse Tyson will be joined in studio by astrophysicist Emily Rice and comedian Maeve Higgins.

On December 6 the main interview guest will be musician David Byrne.  Tyson will be joined in studio by Maeve Higgins and Monica Lopez-Gonzalez, a cognitive scientist and playwright.

The December 13th episode could be particularly interesting, as the main guest is Mars One co-founder Bas Lansdorp.  Joining Tyson in studio will be comedian Eugene Mirman and retired astronaut Mike Massimino.

New episodes of StarTalk are supposed to run through January 3.


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