Science Television Beginnings And Endings

Today is the last day of shooting on MythBusters.  The episodes shot over the last few weeks won’t air until next year, but offices are being cleaned out and things are wrapping up (perhaps as I am typing this).  Adam Savage has been posting photos to various online platforms.  While he and Jamie Hyneman will be touring the country through the end of the year, the end of shooting will likely mark the last time that they will be making non-fiction television together (they are executive producers on a scripted series loosely based on their effects work and CBS has provided a script commitment).  The last batch of episodes will start airing on Discovery in the U.S. in January.

Going Deep with David Rees returns to television tonight for its second season.  The program has changed networks (it was on the National Geographic Channel last season), but not its focus.  Each episode a seemingly simple task will be analyzed as Rees seeks to figure out how to do it.  Tonight’s episode is on petting dogs (followed by a repeat of the fly swatting episode), and everyone’s favorite Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, visits David to help him with his task.  The first season was available for streaming on Hulu, but aren’t there at the moment.



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