Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of November 2

This week there are fewer repeats, with only Conan off (the host is joining Michelle Obama in an overseas trip to visit the troops).  As November is traditionally a sweeps week, the network shows should remain on until Thanksgiving or shortly before.  Of note for our purposes is you can catch The Knick star Clive Owen’s recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers airs again this Friday.

Stephen Colbert has made a point of having tech billionaires on his program (CEOs of Tesla, Apple, GoPro, Snapchat, Uber, and Airbnb).  This week he continues this practice when Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is on Tuesday.  On Thursday he will talk with mathematician and pianist Eugenia Cheng (she could well be that night’s musical guest).

Ken Jeong, who was a doctor before starting his acting career, plays a doctor on his new show Doctor Ken.  He’ll talk with James Corden on Wednesday night.

And that’s it for the new stuff.  At the risk of beating a proverbial horse, there were several moments in last week’s shows with science and technology content.  On the October 26 edition of Conan the Fan Correction segment focused on Conan covering the discovery of water on Mars.  On October 27, Stephen Colbert had a desk piece on the recent study about the cancer-causing properties of processed meats.  Finally, on the 28th, Stephen and guest Julianna Margulies discussed driverless cars, in part because technology often factors into the cases covered on her legal drama, The Good Wife.


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