Science Culture On The Weekend – New Science With Tom Video, New Season Of StarTalk

First, while I’ll note more about this in the regular late night post, Thursday night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert did indeed include a segment with both Seth MacFarlane and Neil deGrasse Tyson sitting down with Stephen Colbert and talking space news.  It was delayed by football in most of the country, so you may have missed it on your television.  The full episode is available online (for free for a few days), as well as clips.  Again, I’ll have more on Monday.

This weekend you can watch two late night hosts on one show.  Larry Wilmore, host of The Nightly Show, is Neil deGrasse Tyson’s special guest on StarTalk.  That episode premieres on Sunday night. Tyson has appeared on The Nightly Show, and Wilmore prompted a showdown with Tyson over their respective credentials as blerds – black nerds.  Tyson will be joined in studio by frequent co-host Eugene Mirman and Scott Weems, a cognitive neuroscientist that has researched comedy.

Last Sunday was the season premiere with former President Bill Clinton.  It had, arguably, the most science policy and science communication discussions on StarTalk, at least in its television version.  Besides Tyson’s in-studio co-host (Chuck Nice) and guest – Juan Enriquez, an expert on the economic and political impacts of life sciences – there was a video chat with Richard Muller, author of Physics for Future Presidents, former climate change skeptic and professor of physics.  I think, based on what Tyson says in this episode, that he is a bit naïve, or ill informed, about the roles of science advisers and science ministers in government.  I think Chuck Nice had a lovely point about our leaders having intellectual curiosity – that it can have a beneficial trickle-down effect through the citizenry.

I’ll end this post, and open the weekend, with the latest video from Tom McFadden.  It’s all his doing, this cell division song based on the latest Drake track, “Hotline Bling.”

Have a lovely weekend.  Me, I’ll be trying to stay up through the epic MythBusters marathon on The Science Channel.

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