Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 26

For whatever reason, I managed to miss posting the October 13 appearance of Richard Dawkins on The Daily Show.  Sadly, it won’t be one of the episodes repeated this week (yep, Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show couldn’t wait even as long as Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to take a break), but the extended version of Noah’s interview with Dawkins is online.  While The Daily Show continues to cover science and technology topics in its coverage (it even was part of it’s work on the recent Canadian election), it’s unclear how much the interviews will reflect that perspective.  If, for example, Neil deGrasse Tyson hasn’t been on by January, that would be worth noting.

Speaking of Tyson, he will visit Stephen Colbert’s Late Show on Thursday.  Seth MacFarlane, who helped get last year’s COSMOS on FOX, is the other guest that night.  Perhaps they will share some stage time.  It also would be reasonable to think that Colbert may involve Tyson in a comedy piece, as he had on The Colbert Report.  Tyson is promoting the new season of StarTalk on television, which premiered last night (October 25).  As I posted on Saturday, he was on the latest edition of the NPR program Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

Stars of The Knick, a turn of the last century medical show, continue to promote the program.  Clive Owen will be on with Seth Meyers tonight (Monday), and his co-star Eve Hewson joins Seth on Tuesday.  Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs, who can now be seen on a similar program – Somebody’s Gotta Do It – on CNN, will be on with Carson Daly late Monday.

And that’s it for this week.  With The Daily Show and The Nightly Show off this week most of our usual suspects have nothing new to offer.  With those two programs (and often their network neighbor @midnight) making offhand science and technology comments on most weeks (besides The Daily Show noting science complaints in their Canadian election coverage [October 20], The Nightly Show mentioned the cancellation of MythBusters and @midnight opened with the recent asteroid news [October 22]), their absence makes these lists shorter.


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