Symphony Of Science Helps Celebrate Planetary Society

This weekend The Planetary Society celebrated its 35th anniversary.  The leading non-governmental organization focused on astronomy and planetary science, the Society celebrated with a big party with guests including people from NASA and Star Trek, as well as author of The Martian, Andy Weir.  Neil deGrasse Tyson was recognized for his work in presenting science to the public, and the Symphony of Science premiered a new video featuring several Planetary Society figures, including Tyson (a Board Member) and Society CEO Bill Nye.

Symphony of Science is only one of the many projects from John Boswell, which can explain why it is sometimes months between his science-themed releases.  I managed to miss the last Symphony of Science video when it came out in July.  I also missed this Hubble Telescope anniversary video (which he describes as a remix).  Again, if you don’t care for AutoTune, this isn’t the work for you, but I urge you to take time to listen.


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