Rap Guide To Religion Out Now From Brinkman

The Canadian love continues this week.  Today marks the official release of the audio version of Baba Brinkman’s Rap Guide to Religion, available in electronic and physical forms via his website, Bandcamp, and other online providers.  This album comes from the show of the same name that he developed in 2014. It focuses on the evolution of religious instincts.  It’s not so much the dogma as the reason(s) it exists and the benefits it might provide.  As Brinkman says,

“This album tackles the OTHER big questions of religion, such as “How did faith evolve?”, “Does it serve any adaptive purpose today?”, and “Is religion an adaptation, a byproduct of an adaptation, or a virus of the mind?”

As is his custom since at least the Rap Guide to Evolution, Brinkman has submitted his raps to relevant researchers for a musical peer review.  Credited in this album are John Teehan, Michael Blume, Stewart Guthrie, Richard Sosis, David Sloan Wilson, and Jonathan Haidt.  These are anthropologists, social psychologists, and others who research religion and/or evolution.  If that isn’t sufficiently persuasive as to Brinkman’s rigor, he has references for each track on the album’s Bandcamp page.

And Brinkman has good flow, with production support from Mr. Simmonds (his frequent theatrical partner), Tom Karuana (who co-wrote several tracks), and Soulful Spider.  Videos are forthcoming (and no, I am not in any of them this time around).  Brinkman remains a good listen, and if you keep your ears open, your mind will get engaged.


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