Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 12

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert continues to bring science and technology content in addition to its guest bookings.  Last week there was commentary on The Martian, a piece about a new development in weight-loss surgery, and what might be a regular segment called ‘Digital Doo’ (the linked clips will probably go away after a certain amount of time).  Looking at this week, Colbert continues to book science and technology guests.  On Wednesday the CEO of GoPro, Nicholas Woodman, stops by.  Jessica Chastain, who is one of the astronauts in The Martian, will be by on Friday.  However, she is joined by her castmates and the director of Crimson Peak, which is a Gothic horror film, so space may not be part of the conversation.  Chastain will appear with Kelly and Michael Tuesday and on The Tonight Show on Thursday, but space probably won’t be discussed there either.

If you do want to see a guest talk about The Martian this week, check out Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Friday, which will show the recent appearance from Michael Peña, who also plays an astronaut in the film.

Promotion continues for the new Steve Jobs film, with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin appearing with James Corden tonight (Monday).  Jeff Daniels, who is also in the film, appears with Corden on Tuesday.  Daniels is also the Director of NASA in The Martian, so there might be some space talk.  Both Sorkin and Daniels will visit Last Call this week, along with the film’s director, Danny Boyle.  Boyle and Sorkin will be on Tuesday night, and Daniels appears on Thursday.  Daniels and Sorkin will appear on The Talk Thursday as well.

While Manhattan premieres its second season Tuesday night, there is no late night love for the show.  The science and technology themed television show that gets the late night attention this week is The Knick, a turn of the 20th century drama set in a New York hospital.  Its second season premieres Friday on Cinemax.  Clive Owen plays the lead doctor, was on this morning with Kelly and Michael, and talks with Jimmy Fallon tonight (Monday).  His co-star Eve Hewson, who plays a nurse on the show, visits the same Jimmy on Tuesday.

A final note – StarTalk season two will premiere in the U.S. on Sunday, October 25.  Check those local listings to figure out if you get the National Geographic Channel in your neck of the woods.  If the show follows last season’s practice, the episodes will eventually be released as part of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk Live podcast.


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