Return To Manhattan This Tuesday

The WGN historical drama Manhattan starts its second season in the U.S. on Tuesday.  Set in World War II-era Los Alamos, New Mexico, the show focuses on several scientists (two of whom are female) and their families as they work to develop the American atomic bomb.  It should be noted that the characters in this program are fictitious, and at most loosely based on figures of the era.  Some historical figures feature in the show, but typically make small appearances.  There’s a mix of military/scientific head-butting, serious competition, and extreme security (with possible espionage) throughout the program.

While the specifics of the season’s storylines are kept under wraps, this article (and others) indicate that the show will be building up to the Trinity nuclear test, which occurred in July 1945, shortly before the two atomic blasts that ended the war with Japan.  It is possible that the show will address the impact of the above-ground test on the people downwind from the test site.  Thankfully the show has both an historical consultant and a science consultant to help ensure period detail for both science and history.


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