Petition Site Dabbles In Science And Technology Topics

In late July the White House announced a revision of its We The People petition site, and released several petition responses at the same time.  Some of those petitions addressed science and technology topics.  I’m very late in getting back to this, but it’s worth exploring each of those responses, if only briefly.

In February of this year, a petition was filed to ban the mandatory vaccination of anyone for any reason.  Not that the Administration seriously considered agreeing with the petitioner, the response was very thorough and accompanied by a video message from the Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Vivek Murthy.  In the response both Murthy and President Obama are quoted on the necessity of vaccination and the benefits of the same.  The response notes that state and local laws typically determine vaccination policies for school admission, and that typically employers are the parties responsible for any vaccination policies for their employees.


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