Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 5

This marks my 3,000th post (combining what I posted on Prometheus and here at Pasco Phronesis).  I suspect as many as one or two hundred might be any good.  Feel free to (dis)agree in the comments.

This week the film Steve Jobs (not to be confused with the 2013 film Jobs) premieres in the U.S.  Michael Fassbender plays Jobs, and he will be on with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.  The night before (Wednesday), Kate Winslet will chat with Jimmy, she is also in the film.  Aaron Sorkin wrote the movie (based in part on the Walter Isaacson biography), and he will be on The Daily Show Tuesday and talking with Conan O’Brien on Thursday.

Surprisingly (at least to me) there aren’t more promotional appearances tied into The Martian this week.  On Friday’s show, Jimmy Kimmel will repeat last week’s episode featuring the film’s star, Matt Damon.  It’s possible that The Nightly Show will spend some time on the film, but the program rarely tips its hand in advance of any night’s episode.

Stephen Colbert continues to bring it in terms of science and technology content.  On Thursday’s episode (which will be delayed by football in the eastern U.S.), he will have on the CEO of Airbnb and devote some time to an automated tackling dummy developed by researchers at Dartmouth.

I’ll close out this week’s entry by noting that former Tonight Show host Jay Leno is returning to television with a car show.  Jay Leno’s Garage seems geared toward serious automotive enthusiasts, but it’s hard to tell before the first episode airs how much Leno will get into automotive tech.  I suspect it will be at least a little.


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