In Case Gravity Or The Martian Weren’t Enough Space Disaster For You

This weekend The Martian premiered in U.S. cinemas to popular and critical approval.  (No spoilers ahead, unless you haven’t read the book or seen any previews.).

Working in a similar space (pun unavoidable) as the 2013 film Gravity, The Martian focuses on the plight of an astronaut stranded on the Red Planet when he appears to be killed during the evacuation of a Martian expedition.  I’ll save an examination of the films’ relative merits for a later post, and simply note that true-life space disaster made it to film first, with Apollo 13 and parts of The Right Stuff chronicling space struggles in the middle of the last century.

If reality-based disaster is more your thing, a forthcoming Science Channel program may be your thing.  Secret Space Escapes premieres in the U.S. on November 10.  It will cover accidents near misses and other problems astronauts and cosmonauts have faced.  Missions covered in the show date back to the 1960s and from as recently as 2013.


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