Playing Catch-up On Late Night – Water And The Pope

A short technical note before proceeding.  I’m in the midst of an unplanned separation from my laptop.  While I suspected this, the last few days have confirmed that tablets – at least for me – are a very inefficient blogging tool.  I’m taking much longer to make lower quality posts, and it’s frustrating.  I appreciate your patience to date, and ask for your continued indulgence.

Bill Nye returned to The Nightly Show this evening, and I’ll have more on that tomorrow.  Wilmore also spends more time on the recent news about water on Mars.  Additionally, Dominic Wilcox is on tonight’s edition of The Late Show.  My listings credit Wilcox as an inventor, so I will be interested in seeing what he brings to the show.

But Mars and the evidence of running water there recently announced by NASA have featured prominently on the late night programs.  It was part of all three of the Comedy Central programs Monday night, and that would be a good way to learn the styles of The Daily Show, The Nightly Show, and @midnight.  Mars also featured in the monologues of other late night shows over the last few days.

Meanwhile, over at The Late Show, Stephen Colbert managed to include climate change into his material on the recent Papal visit to the U.S.  On the September 22 show, climate change and the Pope was part of his prepared pieces (as was a mention of the recent copyright decision on “Happy Birthday”).  And Archbishop Thomas Wenski, who was a guest on the September 24 show, is head of the environment committee at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Part of their conversation involved climate change.  Regrettably I cannot find a clip to include in this post.  That may change once my laptop is repaired.  Regardless, I’ll have more details on Monday’s regular late night post.

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