Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of September 28

Tonight is the night.  Trevor Noah begins his tenure hosting The Daily Show tonight.  I’ll be watching to see what science and technology elements will be part of his show.  Tuesday night his guest is Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder of Tinder currently running a feminist dating app, Bumble.  Noah has been, understandably downplaying expectations, so I will be patient.

With The Martian premiering in the United States on Friday, there are some promotional appearances this week.  Matt Damon, whose character must ‘science’ his way to survival on Mars, appears tonight/Monday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Tuesday he will visit with Ellen DeGeneres during the day, and James Corden that night. Chiwetel Ejiofor, who plays one of the space agency scientists is on with Seth Meyers tonight/Monday.  Michael Peña, who plays another astronaut, will visit with a Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, followed by Kate Mara on Thursday.  She also plays one of the astronauts in the film.

I’ll mention Ken Jeong this week because he was a doctor, and will be playing a doctor on his new show, Dr. Ken.  It’s a comedy, so I’m not sure how much actual medicine will feature on the program.  He’s on Jimmy Kimmel’s program on Wednesday, talking with Seth Meyers on Thursday, and with Kelly and Michael on Friday.

in other guest news, this week’s appearance by a cast member from The Big Bang Theory playing a scientist on Wednesday, when Kunal Nayyar appears with Conan O’Brien.

Finally, if you are not sufficiently entertained, The Late Late Show will rerun its recent epushed shot at YouTube in Los Angeles on Friday.


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