Friday is Manufacturing Day

October 2 marks the fourth annual MFG Day (or Manufacturing Day).  Started in 2012 by a collection of industry and government bodies involved in manufacturing, MFG Day is a way for manufacturing companies to promote what they do, what jobs are available, and the need for people to join the skilled trades that makes up a large percentage of these jobs.

This year one of the organizers, the Science Channel, has been promoting the day pretty heavily with spots during its programming.  They have scheduled a marathon of How It’s Madea program that shows the manufacturing involved in a number of different things, for Friday.  2015 apparently is the 10th anniversary of the program airing on the Science Channel (it is a Canadian production), as the first episode dates to 2001.  I’m hard-pressed to come up with a program more apt to use in cross-promotion with MFG Day.

If you are interested in participating in MFG Day, check the website to see what you might participate in near where you live.


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