More On That Canadian Science Debate – Please Send Topics and Questions

Commenter Aerin Jacob reached out with some information on an upcoming Canadian election debate in Victoria, British Columbia.  It will take place on September 23, and be moderated by Bob McDonald, who hosts Quirks & Quarks on the CBC.  This is the debate I linked to in my September 1 post.

While it does not involve the candidates for Prime Minister, there are confirmed representatives from the Liberal, New Democratic and Green Parties participating in this debate.  Each of them are standing for election in ridings in the Greater Victoria area.  Aerin is asking for suggestions on both topics to cover and questions to ask.  If you have any to offer, please respond via the link provided in the comment.

An invitation to participate in the debate was extended to four major parties in Canada, and the Conservatives may yet send a representative on September 23.  The organizers intend to have a live-stream available, and if I find out that link in time, I will post and/or Tweet about it.


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