No, Listening To Pop Music Could Help Fight Dementia

Researchers in the Netherlands last year analyzed pop music to determine how catchy a song might be.  Through a recognition game, called Hooked on Music, researchers would measure how quickly a song was recognized and when during a song people were most likely to recognize it.  It’s not as easy as it seems, since the test involves being able to get back into the song after a soundless gap.

The New York Times makes note of this now because researchers are now trying to use the game in order to further examine dementia.  Researchers have tweaked the game, adding an ability to refine songs to those most likely to be recognized by the person playing.   By gathering as much information on recognizable songs as possible, the researchers hope to identify music that can best help dementia patients prompt memories.

The refined version of the game will be promoted at the 2015 Manchester Science Festival, which has supported the project before.  But you can play it now.


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