Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of August 31

With Labor Day being observed next Monday, some of the programs are getting their last vacation in and airing repeats.  Repeats worth catching again would include today’s (Monday’s) repeat of The Queen Latifah Show.  Michaela Conlin, who plays a forensic artist on the Bones program, was on back in Feburary, and I missed it the first time around.  The Talk‘s technology correspondent, Chi-Lan Lieu, will be on the program Thursday in a repeat of a July program.  On Friday Christian Slater will be on with James Corden again, a repeat of a July appearance.  Slater is part of the program Mr. Robot, which concerns hackers.

In new episodes, Slater’s costar, Rami Malek, will be on Tuesday’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Friday Science Bob Pflugfelder will be on in the morning with Kelly and Michael.

Next week marks another change in this era of late night shifts.  Stephen Colbert finally premieres his edition of The Late Show on September 8.  If his current announced schedule holds, there will be two science and technology guests next week.  It’s a good sign that he may return to the top of the heap in terms of shows with science and/or technology guests.


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