Bill Nye The Improv Guy Monday Night

Those well familiar with The Science Guy’s career may remember that before he did science programs on television, he was on a sketch show.  Back in the 1980s and 1990s The Science Guy was a segment on the Almost Live! sketch comedy show produced in Seattle, Washington.

While not exactly a return to his roots, Nye will be on a comedy program tomorrow night in a featured role.  He will appear on the CW network’s edition of Whose Line Is It Anyway?  This is an improv program that has aired in some form in the U.S. and the U.K. going back to the 1980s.  Nye will be the celebrity guest, meaning he will feature in at least two improv games during the show.  It will air on the CW network tomorrow night at 9 pm Eastern and Pacific time.  It should be available online within 24 hours of the initial broadcast at

It will likely be silly, and I’ll definitely have a blast.  For those concerned about Nye’s appearance (where he had to withdraw due to a torn quadriceps) on Dancing with the Stars, I am confident that any injuries during this program will be much less severe.


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