Science With Tom Looking For Feedback

Tom McFadden is, by day, a middle school science teacher.  But since long before he stepped in front of a classroom, he has been a science rapper (the nom de rhyme here is the Gift of GBA).

I’ve posted about Tom for a while, including his crowdfunded BRAHE’S Battles series and his Science Rap Academy.  He has a couple of current projects that would benefit from additional pairs of eyes.

First is the pending launch of his Science With Tom video series.  This is not to be confused with his Science x (Times) Rhymes or Science Rap Academy series.  It will not be a music-centric program, but a means of showing people what scientists do and who they are.  The program will do this in a fashion that demonstrates Next Generation Science Standards.  Tom would like feedback on the first episode and people to help spread the word.  If you’re so inclined, contact him through his website for more information (and just maybe an advanced look at the goods).

Looking further ahead, Tom is trying to get a panel at SXSWedu, an offshoot of the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin that focuses on education.  He’ll be there to promote Science with Tom and needs your votes to get a spot in the program.  Please vote online (registration is required).


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