Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of August 17

Hey, it’s still August.  There are still some repeats, so if you need the new programming, there’s a new batch of MythBusters, and Experimenting with Megan Amram is releasing a new episode every Monday.

At this point, the science-fiction drama Extant has shifted its focus more from an astronaut-heavy mystery toward a more traditional alien conflict story (which is not the kind of program I would normally feature in these posts as its less about the science or the scientists).  That said, star Halle Berry is on with Jimmy Kimmel tonight (Monday).  On Friday Tatiana Maslany will appear on The Tonight Show.  She plays several characters on the program Orphan Black, a show focused on a group of clones.

The repeats reflect the persistent presence of the cast of The Big Bang Theory.  Earlier today Simon Helberg was on The Queen Latifah Show, a repeat of an appearance from February.  He plays an engineer on the show.  Co-star Jim Parsons will be on The View tomorrow.

I will note that The Late Late Show with James Corden will do an entire show from YouTube’s Los Angeles facility on Friday.  All of that show’s guests will be noted YouTube creators.  It’s perhaps the most explicit acknowledgement of the recent trends in late night television to embrace online technology.  Usually it’s done through the programs’ presence online (for instance, the upcoming Late Show with Stephen Colbert has its own app – Colbr), and less often with bringing the online to television.  Corden recently visited several Vine ‘stars’ for a segment, so this might be an area in which he is breaking ground, such as it is.


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