The Science Guy Will Be A Documentary Guy

Earlier today the campaign closed on a Bill Nye documentary.  The crowdfunding campaign raised over $859,000 from more than 16,800 backers.  The film, which Nye has heartily endorsed, will be made by filmmakers David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, who have previous documentary experience.  The duo have already partnered with other producers, planned out the film, and received Nye’s approval (and cooperation) in developing the film.  Some footage has already been shot, such as this clip:

The funding from the campaign will go toward addition travel and related expenses for filming the peripatetic Nye, as well as licensing content from his television programs.  Some of the funds will support post-production expenses and sending the final film around to festivals and other outlets.  The projected finish date for the film is toward the end of 2016.  But as with all film projects, that is subject to change.


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