Yes, There Can Be Science In A Paranormal Show

I don’t include all possible instances of science and technology guests or content in late night (and daytime) talk programs.  I generally avoid cooking segments (they usually don’t get into the science of cooking), animal experts (the segments are usually about making the host uncomfortable around animals), and many medical doctors (those on television can drift into pseudoscience or just plain bad medical practice).

I also avoid the paranormal, so no mentions of the stars of a ghost hunting show or a series involving creatures of legend like Bigfoot.  So I opted not to mention the new drama Proof (on TNT in the United States), which follows the efforts of a medical doctor funded by an inventor with cancer as they explore near-death experiences, reincarnation, and similar phenomenon associated with death or being in close proximity to death.

While I likely won’t watch the show, I might reconsider posting about it.  Per this article in The Washington Post, producers of the show have looked to the work of parapsychology researchers when developing scripts.  Not all of the episodes to date have met with approval from these researchers, but Proof won’t be the first (or last) program to not follow current scientific and technical understanding in its stories.

After all, if shows were so scientifically accurate, MythBusters would need to work extra hard for story ideas.


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