Chris Hadfield’s Next Act Is Astronaut Troubadour

Chris Hadfield has pursued what many would consider an active retirement since leaving the astronaut corps in 2013.  This year is proving no less busy than most of the other years Hadfield has spent on Earth (outside of his time on the bottom of the ocean).

Part of what drew attention to Hadfield was his music performed in space.  This one in particular:

Today Hadfield’s first album, Space Sessions: Songs From A Tin Can, is available for pre-order. You can find it via his website, and the first single is available online at various streaming services.  Here’s the lyric video for the tune, “Feet Up.”

This fall Hadfield will premiere a monthly animated science series, “It’s Not Rocket Science.” It’s being funded through a Patreon account, in which patrons pledge a certain amount per item, in this case per video.  At present there has been over $2700 pledged per video, and Hadfield and his team intend to produced 10 episodes.

If that wasn’t enough, Hadfield will launch his Generator live show in Toronto on October 28.  He was impressed with one of Brian Cox’s (the astrophysicist, not the actor) live shows, and aims to repeat it in Canada.  I hope the event is successful enough for him to tour the program in Canada.


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