White House Demo Day Strategy Seems Counterproductive

Earlier this year the White House announced (earlier than I thought) a White House Demo Day, scheduled for August 4.  This is not to be confused with the Demo Day held at the White House today, which was focused on disaster response and recovery.  Entrepreneurs will be demonstrating their products and/or services with an eye toward a

The Demo Day, per this White House post on Medium, ties into a larger Administration effort to encourage entrepreneurship, especially in underrepresented communities.  Like the Science Fairs, the messaging around the Demo Day (at least for me) runs counter to the pre-screened nature of who is present (selected from nominations accepted over a three-day period in April).  A quick search of the White House recommended Twitter hashtag (#WHDemoDay) shows a lot of people still just finding out about the event, and interested in participating.

But the people have already been selected, and the livestream of the event may not reach beyond the already engaged audience that the White House is interested in expanding.  I wouldn’t blame any entrepreneurs who felt frustrated by a White House that on the one hand seems to encourage participation in something that has been closed off for a while.  I think the messaging needs to be more consistent, thorough, and for longer.

What am I missing here?  It’s never been clear to me after any of the Science Fairs how someone watching could work to be one of those presenting, and I think the same thing will happen after next week’s Demo Day.  That seems like such a lost opportunity.


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