Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 13

Summer repeats continue this week, but the specific shows that are off have changed.  In this week’s repeats, you can catch the recent appearances of Extant stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Monday/tonight) and Halle Berry (Friday) on Jimmy Kimmel’s program.

With all the Comedy Central programs pre-empted this week, the new programs suffer from a paucity of science and technology guests.  The Talk‘s tech correspondent will be on this Friday, but that’s just about it.  There are actors associated with some science-fictiony films out this month, and one actor promoting a series where animals are acting oddly.  But the quality of these projects make me reluctant to say anything more.

At least there are new episodes of MythBusters starting on Saturday in the U.S.  And you could watch the future host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, on The Tonight Show this Friday.  He’s scheduled to start his first show on September 20, about six weeks after Jon Stewart helms the broadcast for the last time.

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