The Next MacGyver Finalists Pull From Many Genres

Earlier today the National Academy of Engineering and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering announced the 12 finalists in The Next MacGyver contest.  The 12 finalists will present their concepts for a television show focused on a female engineer at the Paley Center on July 28.  The five winners will receive $5000 and be paired with a television producer to help develop a script that could be pitched in Hollywood.

The 12 finalists (11 individuals and one team) were selected from nearly 2000 entries, and their concepts are inspired by MacGyver, but by no means are intended to copy the show, aside from showcasing a talented engineer (or engineers).  The proposed shows cover a variety of genres and time periods, and one would even break the proverbial fourth wall of television with a social media element to the program.  Sadly, if the concepts advanced here have the typical Hollywood chance, at most one of them *might* get a pilot.  That’s too bad.

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