Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of June 29

FWIW, last Monday marked six years of posts here at Pasco Phronesis.  Apparently the proper anniversary gift is candy.

This week, with the Fourth of July holiday on Saturday, many programs are in repeats.  Those that aren’t running repeats this week will likely run them next week (the Comedy Central shows will likely not, with Jon Stewart departing The Daily Show on August 6).  Of this week’s repeats, you can check out bug chef David George Gordon’s recent appearance on The Late Late Show tonight (Monday).  Even later tonight you can see Zach Woods last appearance with Carson Daly.  Woods is one of the cast members of Silicon Valley.  On Tuesday Alicia Vikander’s recent appearance with Seth Meyers will run again.  For Thursday you can catch Bryce Dallas Howard on The Talk promoting Jurassic World.  Her co-start Chris Pratt’s last appearance with Jimmy Fallon will be rerun on Friday.

Two science and technology flavored shows, and one film are featured early in this week’s new guests.  Emilia Clarke is carrying promotional water for the new Terminator film, out on Wednesday.  She’s with Jimmy Kimmel tonight (Monday).    Extant‘s new season premieres this week, and star Halle Berry joins Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night.  Earlier that day she joins her co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Talk.

Kumail Nanjiani, from Silicon Valley, is on to promote the second season of his Comedy Central show The Meltdown.  Nanjiani will be on Conan Tuesday, and on @midnight with his Meltdown co-host and producer later that same night.  Time was when guests weren’t double-booked on the same night, but I’m old.

In content you may have missed, there were two segments on last Tuesday’s edition of The Nightly Show where Larry updated folks on the drought in California.


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