Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of June 22

Tonight the last episode of the first season of StarTalk will premiere.  The featured guest is television writer Norman Lear.  Joining host Neil deGrasse Tyson in the Rose Center are comedian Chuck Nice and television historian Saul Austerlitz.

Summer typically means more repeats for late night and similar talk shows.  Many daytime talk programs take off the whole summer.  While I don’t think the summer solstice was the reason, we have a large number of shows in repeats this week.  One that I should have noted when it first aired is this Friday’s edition of The Late Late Show.  Halle Berry and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, both from the CBS television show Extant, appeared on the show, originally broadcast in May.  The second season of the show has been retooled.  Berry still plays an astronaut, and Morgan a cop.  Thursday’s Late Late Show repeat includes Zach Woods’ appearance from last month.  Woods is one of the cast of Silicon Valley, which just ended its second season on HBO.

In other repeats, you can catch Alicia Vikander’s appearance last month with Carson Daly.  That will air again late Wednesday.  Vikander is one of the stars of the robot film Ex Machina.  Kunal Nayyar’s September visit to The Queen Latifah Show will be reshown on Wednesday.

The new shows this week have a number of guests from upcoming films and new seasons of television programs.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan (see the repeats above) will be on with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night.  On Tuesday Kimmel welcomes Lizzy Caplan, who plays sex researcher Virginia Johnson on Masters of Sex.  Her co-lead, Michael Sheen, will be on Conan Wednesday night.

The next Terminator film is coming out in the U.S. on July 1, and two actors are out promoting the film.  Arnold Schwarzenegger will be on The Tonight Show Wednesday and Jai Courtney will sit with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday.

While many daytime shows are off this summer, there are several guests of note this week.  Morgan Freeman will be on The View Thursday.  The week closes with The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons on with Kelly and Michael Friday morning, and The Talk‘s technology correspondent Chi-Lan Lieu appearing later that day.

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