Science Culture Weekend: Artisanal Short From Spurlock, Campaign For Another Brinkman Rap Guide

Two brief notes to start the weekend:

Morgan Spurlock, a documentary filmmaker of note thanks to Super Size Me, has a short out on Amazon called Crafted.  You can rent or purchase it for less than your handcrafted coffee drink of choice.  The short features the work of artisans and makers – single-person or small operations where people craft a variety of things epitomizing a do-it-yourself ethos.

While the posts I’ve seen featuring the trailer try to set up a contrast between today’s maker’s (and their gadgets) and the artisans using tools and techniques handed down over centuries, I don’t see such a big gap between the two groups.  I’ve often emphasized that the study of technology (and technology policy) should not presume an emphasis on ‘high’ tech, ‘modern’ tech, or some other focus on the shiny and new.

In other news, funding work is afoot on the newest Rap Guide from Canadian rap artist Baba Brinkman.  Currently called Rap Guide to Climate Chaos, Brinkman and his frequent director Darren Lee Cole (of the SoHo Playhouse) are working to have the play ready for previews in July with an eye towards performing at the Edinburgh Fringe in August.  Cole has launched a fundraising drive on GoFundMe to help cover production costs.  Presumably there would be a run of some kind at the SoHo Playhouse after the run in Edinburgh, but there is no timeframe for that right now.


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