314 PAC Starts The 2016 Election Endorsement Cycle…For Science?

314 PAC, a political action committee (PAC) focused on finding and supporting Democratic candidates with science and/or engineering training and experience.  The PAC endorsed four candidates in the 2014 elections, and two of them went on to enter Congress in January.

Earlier today 314 PAC announced its first endorsement (donation page) of the 2016 cycle, Representative Bill Foster.  This is the second time the PAC has endorsed Foster, who is the only physicist currently serving in Congress.  I have no idea if 314 PAC is aware of Rep. Foster’s position on EPSCoR funding, or if that issue matters to them.  I think it unlikely that EPSCoR funding will be an issue in a Congressional election in a non-EPSCoR state, so this is likely neither a mountain nor a molehill in Congressman Foster’s re-election.

However, should the time come when there is traction for science and technology oriented PACs, perhaps specific funding issues will become a concern.  And that’s where it will get complicated.  Because the question of whether someone ‘supports science and technology’ is a bit easier to parse than what science and technology policies one supports.


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