U.S. Government Ramping Up To Open Government National Action Plan Version 3.0

The White House posted this call for input on the third iteration of its National Action Plan for Open Government.  Version 1.0 came out in 2011, and version 2 was released in 2013.  Aside from supporting the Administration’s interests in making government data more available, the Plan is part of the U.S. commitment as a member of the Open Government Partnership.  At this point, the comment request is informal.  You can submit them via email, Twitter, or through a Hackpad collaborative tool.  (You’ll need to register on Hackpad to participate there.)

Comments can expand on existing initiatives in the National Action Plan or suggest new ones.  These plans emphasize transparency and increased public access to information (in usable formats).  Given the language in the current plan around citizen science, crowdsourcing, and whistleblower protections, I think it would be a good idea to suggest something about incorporating scientific integrity policies into the National Action Plan.

If you’re looking for guidance on suggestions, the Open Government Partnership has its own data portal, the Explorer.  There you can review submissions from all the participating countries.  You can also see the commitments governments have made and how well they have delivered (at least on some of them).


One thought on “U.S. Government Ramping Up To Open Government National Action Plan Version 3.0

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