Ant-Man Wants Girls To Make Small Things

Following on similar contests in other Marvel films, there is a new competition for girls 14-18 (grades 9-12) connected to this summer’s Ant-Man movie (H/T The Mary Sue).  The contest deadline is June 11, so you don’t have much time.  Evangeline Lilly, who portrays scientist Hope Van Dyne in the film, explains the contest in a video.

The Ant-Man Micro-Tech Challenge wants contestants to “design and build a DIY project using at least one inexpensive and readily available micro-technology component of her choosing.”  It can be scientific, artistic, some combination of the two or something completely different.  In addition to the project, the contestant must submit a video of five minutes or less that explains how to make the project and answer this list of questions:

  1. What inspired your interest in micro-technology?
  2. What is your project?
  3. What is/are your micro-technology component(s)?
  4. What other major materials did you use? Where did you get them?
  5. How could your project be practically replicated in a school or club setting?
  6. How could building your project inspire other young girls to pursue interests in science, engineering, arts, or math? What skills would they learn?
  7. Why you would be interested in presenting a workshop that instructs young girls in your community on how to build your project?

Interested contestants need to fill out the application form and receive confirmation before submitting their video.  Winners will receive a trip to Los Angeles for them and a parent for the premiere of Ant-Man.  Instructions for making the winning projects will be distributed to a girls group in each winner’s community, and that winner will have the chance to lead a workshop on their project.


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