Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of May 25

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, and most shows are in repeats tonight, if not all week.  StarTalk is a noted exception, with former President Jimmy Carter tonight’s interview guest.  He will talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson about the Carter Centers work in combating disease.  Parasitologist Mark Siddall and comedian Chuck Nice join Tyson in the Museum of Natural History (where they film the non-interview portions before an audience).  I’ll note that only the first three episodes of this run (President Carter’s episode is the sixth) are available in podcast form.  That may change once the full first season has aired.

In the repeats this week there are a few science and technology guests of note.  Earlier today (Monday) you could have seen the most recent appearance from The Talk’s technology correspondent Chi-Lan Lieu.  On tonight’s (Monday’s) edition of The Tonight Show, you can see Thomas Middleditch’s last appearance, where he was promoting the show Silicon Valley.  His co-star Kunail Nanjiani’s April appearance with James Corden will repeat on Thursday.  “Science Bob” Pflugfelder’s last appearance with Jimmy Kimmel will be re-aired on Wednesday night.

I neglected to note two segments in Comedy Central programs that touched on science and technology content (listings for this week are not yet available).  On the May 12th edition of The Nightly Show, Morgan Freeman discussed his program Through the Wormhole with the 1970s version of host Larry Wilmore (yes, it was weird).  On the same night’s edition of @midnight, a photo from Bill Nye’s recent Reddit Ask Me Anything was the source for one of the programs games.

Finally, I note with some pleasure that in David Letterman’s final Late Show he ran a segment of highlights with kids.  Many of the clips in that segment featured kid scientists, a signature bit of Letterman’s programs on both NBC and CBS.  The final episode is still online through the CBS website, but likely won’t be for very long.


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