Science-Flavored Culture: Grounded, Tomorrowland, And More

This weekend marks the wide release in the U.S. of Tomorrowland, the second live-action feature directed by Brad Bird (perhaps best known for the animated film The Iron Giant).  Clips of the film as well as early reviews suggest the film will tangle with the retreat from the 1960s-style optimism about the future that is reflected in the namesake portion of the Disney theme parks.  I’ll likely have a #scifiscipol post about the film once I see it.

I’ve already posted about the film Good Kill, which stars Ethan Hawke as a fighter pilot trying to adjust to a life flying drones from half a world away.  There’s a play, Grounded, covering the same kind of journey taken by a female pilot.  Anne Hathaway currently stars in a production of the play ending this Sunday.

The fourth episode of Science Goes to the Movies is now online.  It’s picks up where episode three leaves off, with hosts Heather Berlin and Faith Salie continuing their film conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Films featured in this episode include Kingsman: The Secret Service and the documentary Particle Fever. 

Neal Stephenson just released his latest book, Seveneves, an epic that starts with the destruction of the moon.  You can read the first several pages online, but the story unfolds over five thousand years as the absence of the moon prompts civilization-changing acts.


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