Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of April 27

Since the nature of the show demands it be included in this post every week it’s on, I’ll lead with StarTalk.  Tonight’s interview guest is Interstellar director Christopher Nolan, while comedian Eugene Mirman and cosmologist Janna Levin will join Neil deGrasse Tyson in front of the audience.  I will note that last week’s episode with George Takei, comedian Leighann Lord and astrophysicist Charles Liu is now available in podcast form from your provider of choice.  Presumably this will happen with the other television episodes.

On to the other programs this week.  With Avengers: Age of Ultron premiering in the U.S. later this week, the stars are out in force promoting the film.  Ultron, at least in this film, is an emergent artificial intelligence that takes humanoid form.  James Spader, who portrays him, was on with Kelly and Michael this morning.

Another smaller publicity blitz comes from the actors in Silicon Valley, an HBO program following young tech entrepreneurs.  Zach Woods will be on Conan Tuesday night, Thomas Middleditch will be on The Tonight Show this Wednesday, and Kumail Nanjiani will be on with James Corden Thursday night.

This week the daytime programs have more than the usual number of science and technology guests.  On Wednesday, Morgan Freeman will be on The View to promote the start of the newest season of Through the Wormhole.  On Friday, The Talk‘s technology reporter, Chi-Lan Lieu stops by, and Kunal Nayyar of The Big Bang Theory will be on with Kelly and Michael.

Author author David George Gordon will appear on The Late Late Show Tuesday night.  His books focus on the natural world, and include a bug cookbook and a field guide to researching Sasquatch.  While this could be full of science goodness, I’m not sure how James Corden will play it.

Of note in recently aired science and technology content, The Nightly Show covered the California drought in its Wednesday night program.  And not just because William Shatner put forth a plan for a water pipeline.


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