Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of April 20

Tonight’s the night for StarTalk on television.  It premieres tonight on the National Geographic Channel in the United States.  Neil deGrasse Tyson’s first guest is George Takei.  If you visit the show’s website you can read and watch plenty of additional content.  The program repeats on Friday, but may be available through video on demand services.  Tyson will appear on The Daily Show on Thursday, since doing so tonight/Monday would mean he was on against himself.  This will come one week after Tyson appeared on The Nightly Show for an episode on conspiracy theories and uninformed skepticism.  There is some web-only content from his appearance, where Tyson and The Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore have a ‘blerd-off’ (explained in the video).

On to the rest of the programs.  With David Letterman’s last Late Show coming next month, we have another last visit this week.  The Piedmont Bird Callers (who were first seen in late night on Johnny Carson’s edition of The Tonight Show) visit on Tuesday.  That same night, one of the leads of HBO’s Silicon Valley, Kumail Nanjiani, will be on with Seth Meyers.  On Wednesday, Oscar Isaac, who stars in Ex Machina, will be on The Late Late Show.  This marks the first science and/or technology guest for James Corden.

While I’ve mentioned Neil deGrasse Tyson’s The Nightly Show appearance from last week, the show also aired an episode on April 14th that covered the death penalty (though the methods were not a primary focus of the discussions).  The Daily Show aired a segment in its April 15th show on religion that included a theological discussion concerning robots.  And, perhaps saving the best for last, Last Week Tonight aired a piece on its April 19th episode about patent trolls.

Maybe I will have to break down and get an HBO subscription or app.


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