NIH Seeks Public Input On Sustainable Biomedical Research

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is seeking information from the public on topics intended to help boost the impact and sustainability of biomedical research (H/T FASEB).  Comments are due no later than May 17.

The NIH is seeking information on the following broad topics:

  • Input on key issues that currently limit the impact of NIH’s funding for biomedical research and challenge the sustainability of the scientific enterprise.
  • Ideas about adjusting current funding policies to ensure both continued impact and sustainability of the NIH research enterprise.
  • Ideas for new policies, strategies and other approaches that would increase the impact and sustainability of NIH-funded biomedical research.
  • Comments on any other issues that you feel are relevant.

This request will help inform the efforts of an NIH-wide working group headed by the director of the National Institute for General Medical Sciences, Dr. Jon Lorsch, on more efficient and/or sustainable funding strategies.  Past work in this area (from another working group) includes a possible ’emeritus award’ that would help senior researchers transition away from an NIH-dependent research position and assist the transfer of those research lines to younger researchers.  I mention that because I think the NIH would welcome creative approaches to these topics.

Again, comments are due May 17, and submission instructions are in the Request for Information.



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