Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of April 6

Basketball and golf have pushed The Late Show into repeats this week.  But that means, if you wait up even later tonight (Monday), you can see kid scientists on with David Letterman.  This was originally aired in February, but given Letterman’s pending departure in May, it’s likely the last time you’ll get to see him showcase young scientists.

It’s a thin week for guests.  Perhaps The Nightly Show will come through with at least one segment on a science or technology issue.  Otherwise, we’re limited to hearing from Chi-Lan Lieu, the technology reporter from The Talk, on Wednesday afternoon, and Oscar Isaac with Seth Meyers on Wednesday night.  Isaac is one of the stars of Ex Machina, which premieres in selected U.S. theaters on Friday.

In other late night news:

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson’s television edition of StarTalk will premiere in two weeks on The National Geographic Channel.
  • Tonight is also the first new edition of The Daily Show since Trevor Noah was announced as its new host.  I have to believe it will get some mention, and subsequent appearances by Noah on the show before he becomes host might hint at how he will tackle science and technology topics.
  • Going Deep with David Rees was picked up for a second season by The Esquire Network.  The first season, which aired on The National Geographic Channel, will be rebroadcast on Esquire.

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