Rap Guide To Medicine Premieres This Friday

If you’re going to the inaugural meeting of the International Society for Evolution, Medicine and Public Health, you might be able to see the premiere of Baba Brinkman’s latest Rap Guide.  He will perform The Rap Guide To Medicine on Friday night (you can also catch him performing a conference preview rap-up on Thursday.  This marks the first time the full album will be performed.  According to Brinkman, this album was written and recorded over the last six weeks, and features his frequent collaborator Mr. Simmonds.

If you like, you can obtain a digital copy of the album through Brinkman’s Bandcamp site.  He’s asking you to pay your own price for this album, which was commissioned (and peer-reviewed) by Randy Nesse.  Additional support comes from The Perlstein Lab (which helped Brinkman put together the trailer for “Gene’s Eye View”), the International Society for Evolution, Medicine and Public Health, and the Society for Applied Microbiology (which helped Brinkman put together a video for “So Infectious”).

There are 8 tracks, covering disease, aging, infections, parasites and how our bodies may not have caught up to the consequences of modern living – all through an evolutionary perspective.  As usual, Brinkman references his sources on the album’s website, and the material has been vetted by Nesse, a physician and evolutionary biologist at Arizona State who has co-written two books on evolutionary medicine with George C. Williams, a key figure in mid-20th century evolutionary theory.

Besides, I think you’ll be in for a great listen.


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