Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of March 16

Most shows are back this week from their recent repeats.  The American college basketball championship tournament starts later this week, and that is why the CBS shows will be in repeats on Thursday and Friday (The Late Late Show is in repeats all week).

Tonight (Monday) on The Daily Show Jon will speak with Andrew Cockburn about his latest book, Kill Chain, which covers drone warfare.  Over on The Tonight Show Jim Parsons stops by.  He plays a scientist on The Big Bang Theory, but he is likely out promoting his new animated move, in which he plays an alien.  Parsons will visit with Ellen on Friday.

We are one week away James Corden’s debut at The Late Late Show.  He was on The Talk today to promote himself.

There’s plenty of science and technology content to catch up on from the early part of March.  The Nightly Show continues to tweak its format, no longer insisting on focusing on just one topic for the whole show.  Last week the show addressed the ethics of Apple’s overseas manufacturing (March 9), the alleged banning of the phrase climate change in certain government offices (March 11) and – at least in part – the medical effects of boxing on fighters (March 12).  Moving 30 minutes up in the schedule, Jon Stewart waxed rhapsodic about Chappie on March 3 with Sigourney Weaver, one of the film’s stars.  As she doesn’t play a scientist in this robot movie I failed to mention it two weeks ago.  On March 9 The Daily Show spent some time complaining about how CNN covered the recent events commemorating the March on Selma.  Some of those complaints focused on the use of a drone.


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