Science Fair Season Is Upon Us

I’ve been inconsistent in noting the winners of the Intel Science Talent Search, which were announced today. This competition is focused on high school seniors in the United States, while the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair is an International competition for students in grades 9-12.  Winners of that event are usually announced in May.

This year’s Science Talent Search top winners benefited from an increase in the top prize amounts and a restructuring of the awards into categories.  They each received $150,000 for their achievements.

Noah Golowich of Lexington, Massachusetts, won the Basic Research Medal for a proof in the area of Ramsey theory, a field of mathematics based on finding types of structure in large and complicated systems.

Andrew Jin of San Jose, California, won the Global Good Medal for developing a machine learning algorithm to identify adaptive mutations across the human genome. By analyzing massive public genomic datasets, his system discovered more than 100 adaptive mutations related to immune response, metabolism, brain development and schizophrenia in real DNA sequences.

Michael Hofmann Winer of North Bethesda, Maryland, won the Innovation Medal, for his studies of how fundamental quasi-particles of sound, called phonons, interact with electrons. His work could potentially be applied to more complex atomic structures such as superconductors.

Second and Third prizes were awarded in each of these categories as well.

Second prize:

Basic Research – Brice Huang of Princeton Junction, New Jersey.
Global Good – Kalia D. Firester of New York City.
Innovation – Saranesh (Saran) Thanika Prembabu of San Ramon, California.

Third prize:

Basic Research – Shashwat Kishore of West Chester, Pennsylvania
Global Good – Anvita Gupta of Scottsdale, Arizona
Innovation – Catherine Li of Orlando, Florida

Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists.


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