In Case You Can’t Get Into Chappie, Some Weekend Science Video Goodness

The latest robot movie, Chappie, premieres this weekend in the United States.  Regrettably, early reviews aren’t kind.  In case that drives you away from the film, or you just can’t get into a screening this weekend, there are some small screen alternatives.

The Nostalgist is available via video on demand and DVD.  It takes place in a world with very immersive virtual reality.  It’s a short film based on the short story of the same title.

Some of the musically inclined folks I promote in these pages have new material.  Tim Blais has a new A Capella Science video, The Surface of Light.  (There’s a live performance version as well)

Coma Niddy has been busy, and tackles vaccination in his latest video.

Mr. Niddy has been busy in the year (!) since I last posted any of his videos.  He has posted 18 videos on his YouTube channel in that time, and are well worth your clicks.

Baba Brinkman is also busy.  His Rap Guide To Religion continues on Broadway through March, and he has been working on The Rap Guide to Medicine.  To promote that project and tie into this year’s Rare Disease Day, the Perlstein Lab released this trailer to “Gene’s Eye View”


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