Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of March 2

As the February ratings period just ended, some programs are in repeats this week.  Of this week’s repeats, you can catch Elizabeth Henstridge’s recent appearance with Jimmy Kimmel on Friday.  She plays a scientist on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, which returns in the U.S. on Tuesday night.

As is now the norm, I must report on The Nightly Show after the fact – it doesn’t announce guests or topics terribly far in advance.  On the February 25 program, the topic was the Mars One program.  This is the effort to send several volunteers on Mars by 2024 on a one-way trip.

In what is not the norm, the same night provided this little gem (NSFW) on vaccines from Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

Kimmel is, at least it seems to me, genuinely angry.  And my experience with Kimmel – that he’s usually putting something or somebody on – makes this bit hit a little harder with me.  Kimmel’s youngest child is less than a year old, which no doubt informs some of his feelings here.

This week’s new programs highlights the return of The Late, Late Show to a place of prominence.  Many of the same staff that worked with host Craig Ferguson have been working the show during the two months of guests hosts (so far).  That probably helps explains why some science guests that visited with Craig have returned to sit with this week’s guest host Drew Carey.  Tonight (Monday) Pauley Perrette, who plays a forensic technician on NCIS, stops by.  Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is a guest on Wednesday, and everyone’s favorite Canadian bat expert Dan Riskin will be on Thursday’s program.

Finally, there is a potential wild card this week.  Conan O’Brien taped material in Cuba for an episode of his program that airs on Thursday.  What previews I have seen include a stop at a cigar factory.  While Conan remains a comedy program, it’s possible you might learn something about old-school manufacturing.


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