Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of February 23

The guest hosting on The Late Late Show continues for another month.  The host for Wednesday through Friday is Kunal Nayyar, who plays a scientist on The Big Bang Theory.  As you might expect, one of his castmates, Simon Helberg, stops by on Friday.  As Bob Newhart played a Mr. Wizard type science educator on the show, I’ll note his appearance with Kunal on Thursday.

Continuing this week’s trend of actors playing scientists and/or engineers on TV, Elizabeth Henstridge will be on with Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night.  Her show, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, returns with new episodes on Tuesday.  She plays an agent with expertise in the life sciences.  Also on Wednesday night, Melissa Rauch will be on with Conan O’Brien.  She plays a scientist on The Big Bang Theory.

If you’re itching for proper scientists and/or engineers on the television, next week will help.  Until then watch computer pioneer Grace Hopper with David Letterman from 1986 – nearly 30 years ago.

FWIW, Letterman now is still younger than Hopper was then (80).  And she had just transitioned from military service to civilian employment.  Retirement was clearly not something she cared for.



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