What If Siskel And Ebert Reviewed The Science In Movies?

February 21 – edited to correct the films covered in the episode.

Science Goes to the Movies is a new program produced by the City University of New York and sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  The series is broadcast on cable in the greater New York City area and is also available online. The hosts are Faith Salie, a journalist and host you might have heard before as a panelist on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me, and Dr. Heather Berlin, a neuroscientist whose research focuses on brain-body relationships and psychological disorders.  (In what makes for a small world, Berlin is married to Canadian rap troubadour Baba Brinkman.)  While the title says Movies, expect future episodes to occasionally cover science in television as well (perhaps Salie’s work in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will receive some scrutiny).  If you’re still not sold, watch a trailer.

The first episode premiered today, and covers The Theory of Everything, Birdman The Imitation Game and Interstellar.  Salie and Berlin are joined by Dr. Emily Rice, an astrophysicist at the Hayden Planetarium and part of the CUNY faculty.

The next episode will premiere in March, which suggests we can expect new episodes on a monthly basis.  And if the hosts aren’t trying to evoke Siskel and Ebert’s television show, I’d wager the set designer is.

2 thoughts on “What If Siskel And Ebert Reviewed The Science In Movies?

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