Elementary Continues To Season Shows With Science

I watched the latest episode of Elementary, the U.S. modern Sherlock Holmes television program, earlier tonight.  In its third season, the program continues to make science and or technology integral to the motivations of characters in some episodes.  Sometimes it means that the victims and/or perpetrators are scientists and engineers, sometimes not.  I noted the possibility of this trend in season 2, and after tonight’s episode, I’m more convinced of it.

Through 14 episodes this season I have noted five that involve science and/or technology as motivation for the stories (not as mechanism for the crime).  Details about who did what to whom are avoided as much as possible.

Tonight’s episode, “The Female of the Species” involved the kidnapping of zebras for their offspring.

“Just A Regular Irregular” focused on a puzzle hunt that seems to be leading to the deaths of many mathematicians.

The episode “Bella” concerns an artificial intelligence program of the same name, who may or may not have become self-aware.

“The Eternity Injection” revolves around an off-the-books clinical trial.  Of course things aren’t quite proper.

“Seed Money” tracks the case of a genetic botanist whose talents are sought by several severely motivated parties.

There are 10 episodes left in the current season of Elementary, so it’s quite possible there will be more episodes to add to this list by the time the season ends in May.



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