Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of February 9

Let’s not expect this trend to continue, but last week there were twice as many science and technology topics on The Nightly Show than the week before.  On February 2 the show covered obesity, and on the fifth the topic was designer babies.  And the first repeat guest was Dr. Holly Phillips.  So this show is certainly worth keeping an eye one for science and technology content.

On to this week.  Listings are not currently available for any of the Comedy Central programs on Thursday, so there may be additions later in the week.  This week Conan O’Brien steps up to the plate.  Tonight (Monday) author Rebecca Frankel stops by to discuss her writing and work on military service dogs.  On Tuesday Dr. Brian Cox stops by.  He will tour the United States next month with Robin Ince.

It’s a bit of an odd week as the daytime programs have science and technology guests of note.  The Talk already heard from Chi-Lan Lieu, its tech reporter, on today’s program.  On Thursday Kunal Nayyar stops by.  He plays one of the scientists on The Big Bang Theory.  Over at The View, Lucy Liu, who plays Doctor Joan Watson on Elementary, visits on Wednesday.

Finally, The Late Late Show, hosted by Wayne Brady this week, will have a young math wizard, Ryan Xie, on Thursday night.  Ryan is also part of the show Child Genius.  One of his co-stars, Tanishq Abraham, regaled Conan with some science jokes last month.


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